The God of All Fruits- Avocado

Butter Fruit from the Fruit Basket!! – Damn Healthy 😉

Avocado is a recent addition to my list of favorite fruits. The reasons are not one but multiple and if I begin to talk about them I could go on forever…Let me start by saying if nature blessed us with abundant  beauty, Avocados are perhaps nature’s way to give longevity to that beauty.

Avocados are called butter fruit in the part of the world I live in …and trust me rightly so… with it’s smooth, creamy texture.

You can wiki enough info on butter fruit ( You will know that avocado is quite a dynamic fruit with its multiple benefits

Let me share my experience with avocado – the butter GOD fruit!

1. Avocado Shake: A healthy breakfast/ post exercise replenisher!

My Recipe #one:toned Milk+ one butter fruit+one banana +One table spoon honey

My Recipe #two:  toned milk +one table spoon honey+ two tea spoon chia seeds+ 4 almonds+one butter fruit
The shake is a perfect after workout drink with its delicious, luscious, mouth filling shake. Does it have calories? It sure does, but what matters is the kind of fat you consume as the divide is clear – the good fat or the bad fat. Avocado is that much needed healthy fat for the body. The one rich with vitamin e and does wonder for giving you that soft glowing supple skin

2. Avocado Oil – My beauty Oil: Great after bath replenishing oil, may have a thick texture but has super fast absorption and is highly penetrative. Ideal for skin that needs deep hydration. Its great for building and supporting healthy collagen growth. Research has proved Avocado has the ability to go down to deeper levels of skin, dermis, and produce type 2 collagen responsible for skin-tissue health. Stop buying those expensive night creams, go for avocado oil!! Great for sensitive skin like mine!

3. Guacamole – My introduction to Guacamole is funny and unforgettable. It’s an avocado based Mexican dip, in India, we’ll call it chutney. Lol!

Story: My Italian flatmate decided to introduce me to this dip – she put the avocado pieces in the grinding machine along with a metal spoon…I had guacamole kitchen in split seconds with avocados pasted  all over the wall! Trust me what an intro to the DIP… I still split into laughter everytime i think of the visual!!

Ok, hard earnerd, here’s my recipe: two avocados (make a paste) + cilantro leaves + one small onion (make  a paste) + one tomato (make a paste) +2 cloves garlic + one green chilli +one table spoon lemon juice+ pepper and salt as per your intuition and use 🙂
Keep enjoying the benefits of this seasonal fruit and do the best for your health!

Like I say  ‘I am what I eat!!!

Love and joy, sukirti

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