Can oils work better than anti-aging serums?

natio-agelessI am moving towards 40 and am looking for nature’s best offering to anti ageing for a sensitive skin. In search for the perfect skin care that can support me through the year, I came across rosehip seed oil. Anything I will say on this extremely nutritious oil will be less.The oil is a gift to beauty regimen and despite the pungent smell, it is a blessing for all skin types!

Why rosehip seed oil?

This oil is a powerhouse of vitamin A, C and E- cellular turnover, collagen support and deep hydration. If vitamins are not enough, in my research I also found the richness of the oil in terms of fatty acids – over 70% of it is about linoleic acid or omega-6, and linolenic acid or omega-3. BTW, there is another oil that delivers the same promise, I alternate this and rosehip to get optimum results (that oil I shall mention in my next article on oils for youthful skin in late 30’s

Here’s my experience:

I use it only during the night owing to the T-ZONE: right after facewash when the skin is till damp, I apply few drops of rosehip.

  1. While the absorption is very fast, as if your skin drinks it up, post the first few days, I noticed my skin feeling rough. I assume my skin was peeling more rapidly owing to Retinol action of the oil. I needed to exfoliate it more often.
  2. However, the glow was prominent, I always get compliments on the glow but I knew this was contributing.
  3. Post a month of still using it, I can’t say my skin has transformed dramatically but then we need patience with nature’s offerings, what matters is the compatibility with your skin. This oil is an excellent night oil.
  4. I would recommend not using it during the day as any oil has the tendency to attract grime and cause breakouts.
  5. It’s a long term use oil and my suggestion is not to form an opinion on what it does or doesn’t early on. Give it a patient six months and see how it transforms your skin. I have fine lines and will share the pictures post six months positive of the results it’s already giving me.

 The brand I used  


Rosehip Natio Ageless Organic Oil

  • No stickiness, pure pungent smell (you kind if like it for the purity in the smell), cold pressed so rest assured the properties of oil not tampered with heat, clean slick small dark bottle (oils ideally should come in dark bottles and avoid sun light)
  • A little pump bottle, so you pour a few drops and not more.
  • Costs about 1100/- INR, last enough, says easily two  -three months, if only for face.

7 Basic Must Do’s for Rosacea skin every day…

Rosacea is a case of extremely sensitive skin with dilated capillaries. Not much clarity yet why it happens? In my experience and observation and all the researches I have done so far it can be due to leaky gut, emotional issues ( extreme stress), the sun or even alcohol… let’s say you are sensitive to quite a few things and need that extra care and lifestyle management.self-ie-2

You are special and need EXTRA care ;). I have rosacea and it has subsided a lot over years but it has taken some management and extra care. The days I don’t, it comes back: Hey you I need attention!

Something never runs out of fashion and that is called routine habit around your skin care regime. Whatever be your skin type if you follow them like religion, your skin with retaining its vitality even when you are 70′. This is beside your known cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine

1. Splashing cold water every day: Skin loves moisture and water. As soon as you wake up splash your face with cold water, splash it on the count of 16/32 0r create a count routine. Why? It’s not for the purpose of washing, it’s for the purpose of invigorating, strokes of water splashed on your face, trigger circulation and circulate the flow of toxins out from your face…the force which you splash increases the circulation.

2.You need sunscreen even while you are indoors: choose a mild water based sunscreen, apply sunscreen possibly thrice a day. Sunscreens and SPF work only for a duration. Try sticking to something herbal or depending on your skin type

3. Enjoy drinking water: Don’t gulp it down to meet your routine of water is good but have water through the day. Sip slowly, almost like tea, also if you can add green tea or tea infusions, as a tea of that sort is also water along with some antioxidants. Though please ensure you don’t have water right before or after your meals (as your digestive juices get diluted) , allow that 30-40 mins pre and post. Thank the water you drink for keeping the flow within your system, keeps you feeling good every time you drink. Sounds strange maybe but water and gratitude work to make your skin more radiant.

4. Create a water routine for your face: You can make your own water tonic, mixing rose water, drops of lavender and distilled water or chamomile infusion water. Splash it on your face when feeling tired.

5. Blood purifiers: Try triphala powder and also herbal liver detox once in few months, for the kind of food we eat, create or leave toxins that need to leave your blood stream. Take care of your liver and stomach with Ayurveda – don’t wait for the problems to happen to attend to your skin, be proactive

6. Chamomile tea, avocado oil and clary sage oil drops in avocado oil (mixed), helped me a lot

7.My skin feels good and beautiful every day, I have more color than others …think positively about this and it won’t be an issue…it’s just that you are a delicate darling and need more attention

Clean skin is good skin and needs no makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer can be your only your only makeup if you keep it clean and healthy

What all chemicals to avoid, some good brands in the market for rosacea, etc in my next topic..

Till then, love and light!

Since when are men and women suppose to be equal?

Women, this is addressed to you or let me say us. We are constantly raising our voices to say we want equality. Men and women are equal…do you in the deepest and the most honest corners of your hearts believe that men and women are equal or supposed to be equal?

Before, I raise too many eyebrows and unpleasant expressions (if at all), let me draw your attention to what I am saying, why and what is the deep spiritual understanding I carry on this heated topic. The intent is to if at all widen your perspective and hopefully help you be selective in your battles or see if there is even a battle at all.

I often smile when I overhear dating couples fight and the topics being as silly as “if you can flirt with ten women , why can’t I ? Tell me really, is it really you in your divine feminine form? Will you really be alright doing that or is it just about winning a pointless battle with your spouse or boyfriend?
Is it more of your desire to get equal by revenge?

You only want to get equal when you feel you are less, remember you are not less, you are different. It’s the difference or let’s say polarity that keeps the man and woman together and yet apart. Embrace !!! Love it, rejoice it and cherish it!
The divine feminine is always at work:
I have been busy studying religions and the deeper spiritual aspects of each religion – be it Kabbalah, Hinduism, Christianity or anyone for that matter… the common aspect in all has been the truth about the divine feminine… the power of divine feminine is enigmatic, calm, full of love and tranquility. It’s an unfathomable energy which unfolds to heal, balance and nurture the earth.

Remember physics, energy is not just kinetic, there is potential energy (passive form). Aggression is not our dominant energy as women, it is only happening as an outburst of suppressed , denied and subjugated divine feminine that is now retaliating in confusion to emulate the male energy. Somewhere,seeing the male energy as winning and the dominant one woman have forgotten their own feminine power.
When we look within and bow down to our divine feminine, we will feel and experience the real power. The power struggle is not with the male energy…in fact, there is no struggle, it’s all about letting your divine energy surface. Rejoice in your passivity…

Wars are helping us hold on to the structure… but the beauty on earth is surviving because of love….UNCONDITIONAL FLOW of the divine feminine.

We all know about Gautam Buddha but not many knew about Mother Kwan Yin (also known as female buddha), she was buddha’s ardent follower/disciple and achieved enlightenment.

kwan-yinWhen she finally reached a stage to transcend to another dimension, she chose not to leave and remain closer to earth plane…Her need to heal, nurture and share her unconditional love has kept her here. If you believe, you can tune into her and she responds with no judgement (motherly love)

Yin – Yang/ Ardhnareshwar: Each one of us has the male and female energy flowing in within us, this energy is very talented and does not seek our permission to act or manifest itself. That is the reason you will feel men can exhibit soft mother like qualities and women can kill in battlefields. The point here is, this energy knows what to do, however, our thinking process, lifestyle can imbalance this energy.
Now that we are living in the world we are living in, the effort to tune into the divine energy can help bring back the balance. For i.e of you are working in an aggressive work atmosphere, it’s the yang energy that as a reflex mechanism flows through you. What happens when you reach home with the same energy …soon it may be two men living under one roof, not in the literal self but quite as much.
Work on focusing and channeling your divine feminine energy, go as effortless as you can and the world will unfold magically, problems will solve on their own. Relationships will be of a better quality.

There can be many environmental issues impacting how we have stopped feeling or connecting with our deepest selves. It is the era of the divine feminine, more and more of that is needed to preserve the earth and save it from all the destruction around. Let’s just dwell in love, peace, and light and spread it in our act or simply through our energies!!!

Whenever it get’s tense tune in and tap into the reservoir within…the abundant power of limitless love!!! Spread: The collective consciousness can do a lot more than one individual can!!
What works for me: Owning up to my mistakes without being judgemental (remember divine feminine is forgiving and kindness), acceptance and self-awareness, Chakra Balancing meditation, Kwan Yin Meditation and whatever helps you tune into your limitless divine feminine power.

Learning to see others for their soul and learning to overlook vices can actually transform vices, I TRY AND PRACTISE…there is no failure in this journey, there may be disappointments but that too adds to the soul growth!

Atia shares, from 148 to 121 pounds in 3 months, the healthy way…



Have known Atia since my college days and one thing that has always inspired me about her is her spirit to bounce back from any situation and turn it around to her advantage… Over the years, she fell in love, got married and before I  realised she had two kids (growing up fast.. now towards teens)… Secretly, I used to wonder, why has she become someone who has forgotten to take care of herself… she had plumped up considerably, a natural state after two kids but  the desire to bounce back…what happened to that? Why do women in the process of taking care of their families forget themselves…WELL, SHE DIDNT’T LET ME THINK THAT WAY FOR LONG….one fine day, the woman folded her sleeves and got on to this mission of “i want myself back”… she has shared her journey towards being fit and feeling awesome like her college days…and BTW, these days her Mr. Right is on his toes trying to match his wife’s new zing for life. Nearing two decades of relationship, the romance as I hear is refreshed…he is suddenly keen to take Mrs.Imam out on those cool dinner dates 😉

In her words:

Waking up one fine day post 2 kids and finding yourself glued to a diet that spells “WHO CARES” with oodles around everywhere and looking at a snap from college makes one wonder “what the hell I have been doing all these years?”

Let me phrase it….ummm You feel compromised.

Similar was my case after 11 years, I decided to challenge my body weight from 67 kgs in Jan….so  I not only hit the local gymn but also decided to challenge my tongue which so far was trained to happily indulge in butter chicken, pizza, pasta and Biryani.

So what did I do? to achieve 55 kgs in between 15-jan 15 March is a journey worth sharing.

The words are “Dedication and training.” I survived on a diet of Muesli (topped with Almond and walnut, raisins), Papaya and Apple, Apple cider vinegar, Flax seed. Every morning (at times I would cook poha and upma (MTR ones, I am a lazy cook) and add all the goodness by topping it with beans, broccoli, peas and peppers to make it healthy and appetising.

I would stop my craving initially by eating a spoon of normal food from my kids’ plates 🙂 but slowly that craving subsided as well…I was training my mind by not starving but giving away old habits gradually.

Well for those who think only exercise can give you that enviable figure  – think again! As a matter of fact it takes heaps to take off your plate in order to take heaps off your body. LOL

While gymming tones your muscles and skin, so you do not look like a bag of skin but the real weight loss is incomplete without a balanced diet….the kitchen is where the major work happens .  Atleast 45 minutes prior to hitting the treadmill I started having low fat milk and muesli diet, along with an apple or a bowl of papaya or water melon ( well lets face it the body needs it fuel to workout eh!)

My nighttime dinner of steamed broccoli, mixed bell peppers, coriander, cucumber , carrot, iceberg lettuce and my homemade tandoori grilled chicken. I would add apple cider vinegar , salt and pepper and Teriyaki dressing, tossed it and relished as my night time meal. Not only it helped cleanse my body but the capsaicin in peppers increase body’s fat-burning rate and promote weight loss. Broccoli and chicken provide the needed protein. And now I can shock the cheese lovers  by saying that you can add a cube in your salad (please use fat free version).

While I took to kick boxing you can take up whatever you fancy so 1 and half or 2 hours of workout can give you the fab body you desire. I would skip (skipping rope) twice a day 200 each time increasing it to 500 a day.

Planned cheating: I would cheat once a week but next day would train harder at gymn to get address the need for indulgence.

My journey to a great body wasn’t easy and believe you me it was curvy as the body I desired. All I can say is if you really really want what you really really want, prep yourself and there’s so much more to follow along with some great recipes which will hand hold along the way. So look out for my posts

Like they say its tested on animals or not. I can vouch every suggestion or word that I pass on here is “ME” tested from the word GO..

  • Begin morning with Apple cider vinegar 5ml with half cup water followed by flax seed a spoonful. A spoonful fenugreek powder (
  • Then after 15 minutes muesli with low fat milk raison almond walnut later followed by papaya or apple
  • Tulsi green tea (antioxidant rich) I drink organic India you can buy any but you need to boil it NO TEA BAGS
  • Lunch 1 roti pulse chicken veggie (NO POTATO I:) BE GREEN AND PARTIALLY COOKED) curd and salads
  • Later in the evening Fruits or muesli again followed by same tea
  • Exercise (7 to 9 pm)
  • 10 PM by super tasty salad described above (you can’t eat salad 7 days days so give yourself a break and cook upma, poha or vermicelli and add all of these veggies in sautéed format.
  • End your day with Flax seed and a spoonful of Fenugreek powder

While I tried a combination of Garcinia+ green coffee extract capsules bought online for accelerated weight loss. I would consumer them 2 in mornatia-3ing before breakfast 2 right before hitting gymn and 2 at night time. Later reduced it twice a day before exercise and morning. (I saw it work on my abs and waist by increasing my metabolism and reducing my urge to eat) I also took supplements of antioxidant, vitamin A, D, E, C and calcium once in a while as I love my skin.

Love and Light, Atia

Atia (38), back to the college feel…back to looking gorgeous



Is your salad for dieting or to die for?

Often the thought of salad, stirs boring expressions and is typically the least preferred meal option. It’s like…ah well, to lose some weight, you have to lose the joy of good food! I wasn’t very different till I started treating salads as the divine meal of the day 🙂

Salads  don’t have to be boring and can be a great appetiser or meal with multiple tantalizers for your taste buds. I took on to salads not to lose weight but to eat food with high levels of prana (life force), what better than raw leafy vegetables…I look forward to preparing salads. Basis my experience, I can safely say that the more joy you take in preparing it, the better it tastes!!! The joy lies in preparing and so does the taste !

Sharing a recipe for those who love salads or are hoping they start loving it for all the goodness it has…good habits can come easy, if we do it with mindfulness and some sweet tricks!!IMG_20160808_150115

My salad for the day has:

  1. red and greek oak lettuce
  2. cilantro leaves
  3. carrot
  4. pomegranate
  5. cucumber
  6. moong spouts
  7. yellow pepper
  8. and cottage cheese
  9. Dressing: Lemon, pepper, paprika powder, basil leaves, lemon peel and ofcourse salt (you can add rock salt too if you wish)


So how does it look? Red, green, yellow, white and orange…hmmm colors of food have their own unique benefits on our mood and well being…may be in my next article, i will cover how?

Taste and feel: Spicy, tangy, crunchy,mouthful with cottage cheese

There are variety of flavours acting in synergy, eat slow and you will know, the strong aroma of basil, makes it a spiritual delight, cottage cheese gives you the fullness and the leaves and sprouts leave you with chewing delight!!

The best thing about salads is the freedom toprepare it your way – you can create any mix and that’s a recipe, experiment with a new kind everyday and it will never be boring. Sometimes I add apple cider, sometimes its tamarind sauce, sometimes tangerine, sometimes I sprinkle sunflower seeds and sometime it’s chia. What I am saying is that, this is the most versatile meal and you  become your own master chef – you’ll love what you eat and so will others (can’t guarantee for others though ;). So go ahead and create the magic and medley of flavours – let it be your canvas, paint freely, relish the experience of preparing!!!

Happy salad day :), remember to chew slow and enjoy every bite!!!

Love and Joy, sukirti

Are You Bathing Alone My friend?!


“Hurry, you gotta rush to work!” … and then among the many daily chores that we attend to mindlessly everyday, bathing snuggles somewhere in between, typically the morning rituals! Mindless as it gets – a part of  our basic check list….something we get done and get over with without putting any attention to it!I am not sharing this because I am a water baby which I am by all means, am sharing this because bathing in my opinion is as much of a spiritual exercise as meditation itself!I have been infamous in my family for my Cleopatra showers  – lol, when I stepped in for my ceremonious bathing, people at home/ hostel were worried when the water would run out! ‘Save water’ petitioners would hate to hear this honest admission.

While I m not propagating that you finish the precious H2O all over yourself, I do want to get your attention to this ritual in a detailed manner….HOW CAN YOU BENEFIT the max out of something you do everyday any which ways. Everyday we come in contact of millions of people, starting from traffic to office to wherever we go…by contact I mean we meet…while we physically may embrace or may not, the auras mingle…some times we come back home carrying someone else’s energy in our auric field. the days we are vulnerable it’s easier to absorb those energies.

The days when your mood or energy level shift to a lower frequency even though you were feeling good to start with…you can’t explain you may find yourself saying “I DON’T KNOW WHY I FEEL THIS WAY!” Yes, you don’t know because you are not aware of the aura and how it communicates on your behalf.

So in case you were thinking, pollution is the only reason you bathe and hygiene is all it offers, there is a deep spiritual science to why you need water.Water has an intrinsic and strong ability to detox you simply by running over you. Running water is a great for absorbing negativity and draining it out your system.Here’s how I benefit and feel wowed by a detox bath….it’s simple but yet again worth sharing for I would love you to benefit the way I do

1. Please Bathe Alone: Remember, your body is the first house you live in…so when you shower, be in the awareness. STOP thinking about that meeting, the work, your boyfriend/ girlfriend, or anyone. Between you and your bathing RITUAL, LET NO ONE COME. This may seem like a small tip but can count me on this… it is the biggest way to detox both internally and externally …..thoughts have energy and if you focus your thought to be in that experience and in that moment you will see the benefits returning 10 folds detox… one of the other ways to be in the moment and only with your to bathe repeating your favorite mantra….or put on a cleansing meditation music…or bathroom singing (has merits), if you have the power of visualization , use the technique to imagine the flowing water carrying away toxicity down the drain….Bottom line is, be there in the act! These are some of my ways and implore you to find yours or adopt the ones that suit you!

2. Take a Rock Salt Bath: Did you know the power hidden within rock salt? ( It is a potent detoxifier and deeply pulls out toxins from our body.

Ideally go for rock salt bath once a week. Salt works on the principle of OSMOSIS hence pulls water in its direction…whether inside the body or outside. Along with that, it  takes away the toxins… cleanses chakras and does lot of energy healing … generally you’ll find yourself happier by the sea…. Tune in to your soul’s frequency and leave the unwanted energy out of your system through salt bath.

rock salt

3.Aroma oils: A generally good practice is to add oils to your bath….concentrate oils have smells that have a strong role on changing our spiritual frequency.For example:The lavender oil from the flower called lavender is a light fragrance that feels gentle and is easily absorbed by the skin. Lavendar, is a disinfectant and also has skin softening properties, but that’s about the beauty aspect.

lavender oil

Spiritually lavender, raises our frequency to generating feelings of love, compassion and enables us to see and appreciate the beauty around us! It brings a non-explainable sense of calm…perfect for those evenings of great stress!!!!

This is all I do, I will add more if I add something to my regime, but the common thread in all that I do is to treat bathing as a spiritual experience!!!

Just like you want to pray every day, let  bathing be your prayer J

Love and Joy, sukirti

Green Chickpeas Powder – The green facewash for softer, dewy skin!

I can’t emphasise enough, but most of the things we find in our kitchen have immense potgreenpeas.JPGential to heal our skin internally. Being my own guinea pig, I can never stop experimenting. I have a T-Zone skin, it’s oily , yet dry – strange combo but a common one.

While people with oily skin have their advantages, there are baggages to it!!! Ready for acne 🙂

So, here’s what I have been doing lately – proudly share, as it is working!!! The green powder is a part of my morning face wash ritual

What are chickpeas? These are mature dried seeds, a rich source of protein, high in vitamin A, folate, potassium and dietary fibres.

We know Vitamin A is great for cellular turnover, along with the fibrous texture, its has soft exfoliation that works well to wash of the excess grime and sebum from the skin.

Potassium lends it’s support in retaining the moisture.

Feeling after the wash: Clean fresh feel without stripping moisture – exactly what I was looking for. Th good thing is, there is no need for any lather or soap to wash. Old habits die hard, by evening I am on to a face wash but for starters, this is a great habit and I see the benefits I intend to stick to it. I am sure the moisture feel I experience after the wash is indicative that the pH balance has not been disturbed which is the biggest challenge with any face wash.

How do I make it?

Powder the chickpeas in your kitchen grinder enough so that you can use it for 30 days. Don’t forget to store them in a glass jar.

Paste: For the sake of variety and depending on how my skin feels on any given day, at times I add it with rose water, sometimes with curd and sometimes add some bit of avocado oil. Prepare a quantity as per singe use – what next, take it to your shower :). For me, leaving it on for 3 minutes is sufficient, WORKS well for everyday use. Times you may want more exfoliation, let it dry longer.

I definitely feel great after every wash, hence continuing my practise. My skin feels good with this ritual, what more can I ask?

If you have oily skin, that goes red, or breaks out and is at times dry too, implore you to try for at least a week to form your own judgement. The best thing about kitchen experiments is, if they don’t work   – they at least don’t harm your skin!!

So friends, why don’t you spend and extra 5 mins in the kitchen today, creating your own beauty powder…tell me how it works for you? Would love to hear. Happy Sunday and don’t forget to smile, that’s the best beauty secret, as I keep reminding myself!!!






The secret to your love hormone – fall in love with cacao!

A simple yet dramatic difference between cocoa and cacao is the raw vs. roasted beans. It changes the algorithm of the food dramatically – the behavior of the nut and how it acts on our body. Cacao has Tryptophan which boosts growth hormcacaoone. It is also responsible for making serotonin. You must have heard of serotonin – the hormone of love and bliss!!!! Yeah, this feeling of love and happiness is triggered by a hormone called serotonin.It make us happy and evokes the lovey dovey feel within us.

Oops, like I told someone, love is a chemical imbalance….hence proved by our great scientists!!!

I am sharing the absolute delight I have found in cacao in its raw form.I consume it as cacao nibs (raw crushed cocoa nuts) – the raw source of chocolate. It is chocolate in the most unadulterated form, dried and straight out of the plant. I had happily replaced my tea rounds in office with green tea but beyond a point green tea does get on to me and I need that change, cacao is a delightful intervention to the routine, in fact I mix green tea and cacao… the drink is a potent re-energizer. The drink instantly lifts me up. I urge you to include it
as a part of your daily detox diet.Here are some compelling benefits that will tempt you as I am experiencing it already and implore you to experience it for your self. Like all good things in life feel best when shared, here is what I discovered and experience with CACAO

  • Raises my HQ (happiness quotient 😉 : Remember my point on serotonin…super healthy way to build up your serotonin levels and raise your HQ, I am unreasonably happier as per people around. cant say it’s all this but a definite contributor!
  • Feel in love without falling in love: When we fall in love, our body neurotransmits phenylethylamine, a neuro chemical richly present in cacao! Love is not dependent on people or the person you love, its simply how you feel and here is how you start to feel more love 🙂
  • Super antioxidant: As per US department of Agriculture/Journal of American Chemical Society and Brunswick Laboratories MA, USA, CACAO is open of the richest sources of antioxidants. You would/should know antioxidants prevent our body from free radicals responsible for damaging healthy cells, ageing and various diseases. So stay young and healthy
  • Mineral Rich:magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and potassium – building blocks for your cell and essential for life force. going by all research, I trust this to be true…google it for yourself.
  • Super roughage and hence a great detox: Cleans your system
  • Spiritual Force  – Food for soul: Raises your prana levels, I have no proof but  have experienced that post cacao, my yoga is better, now researches are happening all over the world to understand how cacao expands your heart chakra, makes you more loving. We know the chemical part of this shift so perhaps easier to understand where the spiritual heightening comes from.

How to have it/how do I have it? Cacao Nibs: order online or buy if you have a store around

  • Brew like coffee +add pepper honey (honey of your choice, I ll be trying cinnamon honey too) – filter and sip just like your daily tea or coffee.
  • Don’t throw the nibs, mix a little honey and enjoy chewing it! This  may be an acquired taste if you don’t take to it naturally, don’t give it up, be patient with it and let it grow on you. After all you are letting love grow on you through cacao.

Love and Joy, Sukirti

The God of All Fruits- Avocado

Butter Fruit from the Fruit Basket!! – Damn Healthy 😉

Avocado is a recent addition to my list of favorite fruits. The reasons are not one but multiple and if I begin to talk about them I could go on forever…Let me start by saying if nature blessed us with abundant  beauty, Avocados are perhaps nature’s way to give longevity to that beauty.

Avocados are called butter fruit in the part of the world I live in …and trust me rightly so… with it’s smooth, creamy texture.

You can wiki enough info on butter fruit ( You will know that avocado is quite a dynamic fruit with its multiple benefits

Let me share my experience with avocado – the butter GOD fruit!

1. Avocado Shake: A healthy breakfast/ post exercise replenisher!

My Recipe #one:toned Milk+ one butter fruit+one banana +One table spoon honey

My Recipe #two:  toned milk +one table spoon honey+ two tea spoon chia seeds+ 4 almonds+one butter fruit
The shake is a perfect after workout drink with its delicious, luscious, mouth filling shake. Does it have calories? It sure does, but what matters is the kind of fat you consume as the divide is clear – the good fat or the bad fat. Avocado is that much needed healthy fat for the body. The one rich with vitamin e and does wonder for giving you that soft glowing supple skin

2. Avocado Oil – My beauty Oil: Great after bath replenishing oil, may have a thick texture but has super fast absorption and is highly penetrative. Ideal for skin that needs deep hydration. Its great for building and supporting healthy collagen growth. Research has proved Avocado has the ability to go down to deeper levels of skin, dermis, and produce type 2 collagen responsible for skin-tissue health. Stop buying those expensive night creams, go for avocado oil!! Great for sensitive skin like mine!

3. Guacamole – My introduction to Guacamole is funny and unforgettable. It’s an avocado based Mexican dip, in India, we’ll call it chutney. Lol!

Story: My Italian flatmate decided to introduce me to this dip – she put the avocado pieces in the grinding machine along with a metal spoon…I had guacamole kitchen in split seconds with avocados pasted  all over the wall! Trust me what an intro to the DIP… I still split into laughter everytime i think of the visual!!

Ok, hard earnerd, here’s my recipe: two avocados (make a paste) + cilantro leaves + one small onion (make  a paste) + one tomato (make a paste) +2 cloves garlic + one green chilli +one table spoon lemon juice+ pepper and salt as per your intuition and use 🙂
Keep enjoying the benefits of this seasonal fruit and do the best for your health!

Like I say  ‘I am what I eat!!!

Love and joy, sukirti